3 Reasons Why Mortgage Lenders Trust Us

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Mortgage lender Whitney B. has been a partner of ours for many years now. Within the last couple of years, she’s closed about 10-15 clients after they received our credit help. On average, she estimates about 3-6 months for the amount of time our program takes for her clients to see major credit score results, although she’s had some as … Read More

The Easy Way Loan Officers Can Earn More Business

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Working in the real estate industry is complex, but the core business need always comes back to the same thing- finding new leads. Loan officers work hard to earn the business and receive leads from their local Realtors. When a Realtor does send a new lead for the first time, it’s not uncommon for them to end up unqualified. You … Read More

Client Success Story: Beating Poor Credit and the Embarrassment that Comes With It

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When a mortgage lender referred current client, Steve D., to ACE Credit Consulting, he had a 590 credit score. That’s more than 100 points below the national average, according to the 2019 Consumer Credit Review. He had slowly stopped taking care of his business, both professionally and personally, and he didn’t realize things had gotten so bad. Worse than his … Read More

Improving Lives by Improving Credit

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Imagine you own a successful business employing more than 100 employees. Imagine you own multiple homes and also drive a Mercedes, as does your spouse. Your credit is good, your business is good, life is just good… until suddenly it isn’t.  Current client Mike R. doesn’t have to try hard to imagine this scenario. Ten years ago, this was his … Read More

Bad Credit – How to Repair a 400 Credit Score


Do you have a terrible credit score or do you have no credit at all? If your credit score awful – your right to be wary. Luckily this is not the end and follow these steps so you can improve your credit score, even if it is as low as the 400s. There are people that have come back from bankruptcy to fix … Read More

What is credit repair


What is credit repair?  It’s a good question, and for the most part it’s just that.  No coaching, no consulting, no advising.  If you are asking yourself: what is credit repair, you may be looking for a mortgage or refinance. You may be in need of something more thank just removal of incorrect, derogatory items on your credit report.  Having … Read More

How to Repair Your Credit (with Pictures)


Are you wondering how to repair your credit (with Pictures)?  You are not alone.  In these tough economic times, many of us are looking for ways to improve our financial health.  ACE Credit Consulting offers a wide variety of information and training on how to repair your credit score.  Whether you are looking for a home loan, a re-fi or … Read More